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Q To-Do for BlackBerry BB10, Desktop (Linux, Windows), and Nokia N9

Q To-Do is an easy to use to-do list organizer. The latest version of Q To-Do is now available for BlackBerry (BB10) Z10, Q10, and Q5, desktops (Linux, Windows), and Nokia N9. Below are some screenshots of the BlackBerry version. … Continue reading

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Q To-Do on github

Q To-Do is a simplistic todo list organizer. Q To-Do is available for Harmattan/MeeGo and Nemo/Mer. For more information about Q To-Do, its features, usage, installation, screenshots, etc. please see the new Q To-Do homepage at github. Up to now … Continue reading

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Packaging and Publishing MeeGo/Harmattan Applications for Mer/Nemo via OBS

MeeGo/Harmattan uses Debian-based packaging whereas Mer/Nemo uses RPM-based packaging. Additionally, there are also some differences with respect to using the OBS for publishing packages. This might lead to some confusion when one tries to package and publish packages for Mer/Nemo. … Continue reading

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QZeeControl in Ovi Store

QZeeControl for MeeGo/Harmattan can now also be downloaded from the Ovi store: http://store.ovi.com/content/269986 Please make sure to read and follow the usage instructions in order to have the best user experience.

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QZeeControl for MeeGo/Harmattan

This month I finally started to work on a small project I wanted to do already since long time ago: QZeeControl enables controlling your Harmattan/MeeGo based smartphone via a Zeemote bluetooth remote control. For those of you who already used … Continue reading

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Q To-Do Version 0.7.1 + Updated QML TreeView

I had a little time to continue hacking on the Qt/QML port of To-Do O, Q To-Do. During this work I also reworked and updated my QML TreeView code a bit. You can get a compiled version for Harmattan (N9/N950) … Continue reading

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MeePasswords 1.9.0 Released

Yesterday I uploaded version 1.9.0 of MeePasswords. The main change in this version is the UI that had been reworked quite massively by Cornelius. Thanks a lot for this great work! Additionally, I finally had the time to integrate the … Continue reading

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