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Q To-Do: a Port of To-Do-O to Qt/QML

Q To-Do is a work-in-progress on porting To-Do-O to Qt/QML. Currently Q To-Do supports the basic features for handling a to-do list, such as: adding new, editing, deleting, or moving entries. A sync functionality as in To-Do-O is currently missing. … Continue reading

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Updated QML C++ Object Example

Inspired by a comment to my QML C++ Object Example I updated this example to also show how to work similarly with QML lists.

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Exchange Data and Objects between C++ and QML and vice versa

In this post I show how to exchange data and objects between C++ and QML and vice versa. I initially created a simple example from some old code due to a question on IRC. While I was at it I … Continue reading

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Simplictionary – A simple dictionary reader for N9/N950 (Harmattan)

Simplictionary is a simple reader for dictionaries in XDXF format. It is almost entirely written in QML (except the usual launcher part and a tiny helper class for getting a list of installed dictionaries from the filesystem). You can download … Continue reading

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LaTeX lstlisting: Easily Copy&Paste Snippets from PDF

I regularly use LaTeX for documentation. While lstlisting is really great for printing snippets of code out of the box you may encounter some situations where you need to tweak it a little to fit your needs. Imagine you have, … Continue reading

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VUMeter in Ovi Store

Some days ago VUMeter for Harmattan/MeeGo got accepted in the Ovi Store:

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