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cljAcmeUtils: Assorted Helper Functions for Clojure

cljAcmeUtils is a collection of assorted helper functions that I wrote over time in order to reduce the amount of duplicate code in my Clojure projects and to help me implement code quicker. Now, I finally had the time to … Continue reading

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cljNetPcap: Packet Capturing with Clojure

Update: Please note that cljNetPcap had been moved to clj-net-pcap. cljNetPcap allows to easily capture packets in Clojure. cljNetPcap builds on top of the jNetPcap Java library and provides a wrapper/facade/whatever for easily using the functionality as provided by jNetPcap … Continue reading

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Nemo/Mer vs. Battery Status vs. N9/N950

While Nemo/Mer runs reasonably well on N9/N950 there is a little annoying issue: the battery status is not correctly displayed. Reason for this is that there is currently no driver for querying the required information from the battery gauge chip … Continue reading

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