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Share QML Code among Fremantle and Harmattan

Qt and QML are really great for writing nice and beautiful UIs and applications that can be easily deployed across different platforms and operating systems. Though, I had to discover that the slogan “Code once, deploy everywhere” is not entirely … Continue reading

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QComboBox for QML

QML does not come (yet?) with the equivalent of a QComboBox. As I find a ComboBox quite useful, even for touch UIs, I wrote a simple wrapper / adapter or whatever you want to call it that enables using a … Continue reading

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QML Text Input for Maemo Fremantle

Similarly to the dialogs in the previous post I also created a TextArea and TextField for Maemo Fremantle. The following picture shows the various text inputs in the Fremantle (N900) version of MeePasswords.

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QML Dialogs for Maemo Fremantle

MeeGo / Harmattan comes with quite nice QML components like Buttons, Dialogs, and the like. Unfortunately these components are not available for Maemo Fremantle (N900). There is a qt-components package in extras-devel but there also seem to be some issues … Continue reading

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Instant Coffee for Maemo Fremantle

Instant Coffee is an effort to package Java related applications, libraries, etc. for the easy installation on Maemo Fremantle (N900). Examples of packaged applications are: OpenJDK (actually the icedtea version) [package], MicroEmulator [package], or Clojure [package]. Please note that I … Continue reading

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MeePasswords – Keep your passwords protected.

MeePasswords is a simple app to store confidential data like passwords etc. in a secure way. MeePasswords uses 256 bit AES CBC encryption. The UI is optimized for small touchscreen devices such as smartphones. MeePasswords is available for Maemo Fremantle … Continue reading

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Advanced Clock Plugin

Advanced Clock Plugin is a highly customizable replacement for the stock clock of the N900. Advanced Clock Plugin comes with different clock styles and offers many settings to further customize the look of the clock. Furthermore Advanced Clock Plugin is … Continue reading

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As I also wanted to use To-Do-O (which uses Java and SWT) on my N900 I started to port SWT to the Hildon UI as used in Fremantle. The result is called libswt-hildon and is available in the extras-testing repository … Continue reading

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QBinaryClock is a simple clock widget displaying the time in binary representation. QBinaryClock is available for Linux, Windows, and Maemo Fremantle (N900). QBinaryClock can show the time in many different formats and representation. A talk.maemo.org thread about QBinaryClock is available … Continue reading

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Zeecontrol is a front-end to libzeemote for Maemo Fremantle (N900). With Zeecontrol you can control your N900 via the Zeemote Bluetooth remote control. Zeecontrol can be downloaded from the Maemo Fremantle extras repository via the application manager. A port to … Continue reading

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