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KDE Lock Screen vs. Touch Input

With respect to touch input, most parts of KDE can be handled very easily. However, one, imho, very important aspect, simply lacks all touch UI support: the lock screen (and also the login screen), right now, do not support touch … Continue reading

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Zotero on Nexus7 in Plasma Active, Updated

I put a little more work into running Zotero on Plasma Active tablets. First of all, it is now possible to install Zotero via zypper. You can get Zotero from my xulrunner branch repository on Mer OBS. Furthermore, it now … Continue reading

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Note to self: Resize animated PNG (APNG)

Interestingly, animated PNG (APNG) files seem to be so scarce that neither Gimp nor ImageMagick support this format. In fact, it took me quite a bit of searching until I found a way to scale an animated PNG preserving the … Continue reading

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