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Plasma Active for Nexus 7: Running the touch-optimized Plasma Active Linux Distribution on Nexus 7

We are very happy to announce the first testing release of Plasma Active for Nexus 7. Plasma Active, in a nutshell, is a Linux distribution (based on Mer as a core) that is specifically optimized for tablet computers. Tuomas Kulve … Continue reading

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Nexus 7 MOSLO with kexec hardboot and 3G Nexus Support

In a prior post I wrote about how I got MOSLO running on Nexus 7. In this post I just want to briefly introduce that the current version of the Nexus 7 MOSLO now also supports dynamically loading kernels via … Continue reading

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Nexus 7: Easily Flash/Access Entire Userdata Partition

Recently, I got my hands on a Google Nexus 7. This is quite a nice device. But as you might have figured from my other posts I am not that much interested in using Android on it. 😉 Fortunately, it … Continue reading

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