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Plasma Active on Nexus 7 with 3G/UMTS

Finally, success in getting 3G in Plasma Active on Nexus 7 to work. 😀 I uploaded a patched version of ModemManager to the Nexus 7 hardware-adaptation repository. So far, it seems to work pretty reliable. Please note that I disabled … Continue reading

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Clojure Guide and Presentation

Some time ago I started to write a simple guide about the Clojure programming language. In the meantime I also added an introductory presentation. Finally, I also had the time to push everything to github: For those who didn’t … Continue reading


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Update: Nexus 7 & PlasmaActive vs. 3G

Just a small update to (partly) answer my own question: apparently, the 3G modem in the Nexus 7 can be accessed via the cdc_acm Linux kernel driver. Great thanks to whoever activated that option in our hardware-adaptation kernel (I suspect … Continue reading

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Wanted: Nexus 7 3G Linux Driver?

This time I am not announcing something but want to ask a question: is there a driver for the Nexus 7 3G/UMTS/HSPA module/chip for Linux? Here is what I could gather so far: according to some sources the WWAN chip … Continue reading

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New Rootfs Tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7

A new rootfs tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7 is available: In this snapshot sound and hardware-accelerated video playback (at least for mp4 videos) should work out of the box. Note that you might need to un-mute the … Continue reading

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