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Video of My #clojuredconf / @clojuredconf Talk: “Packet Capturing with the JVM and Clojure – Yes, we can!”

The video was uploaded already quite some time ago. However, I still want to put a link on my blog to have all references in a common place. In case you are interested, here is the teaser or abstract that … Continue reading

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test2junit Version 1.3.0 Released

As my last post about test2junit is some time ago, here is the very brief description: test2junit is a Leiningen plug-in that provides improved JUnit XML format output when executing clojure.test tests. In addition, it allows to automatically run the … Continue reading

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clj-net-pcap Version 1.7.1 Released

I actually uploaded clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 quite some time ago. Unfortunately, I was very busy and couldn’t even write an announcement. In this post, I briefly announce the clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 release. I did the work on clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 … Continue reading

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Slides of my :clojureD Talk #clojuredconf

I uploaded the slides for my :clojureD talk: Packet Capturing with the JVM and Clojure – Yes, we can! Huge thanks to the organizers, speakers, attendees, and everyone else involved in :clojureD! 🙂

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Note to Self: Clojure Code in LaTeX vs. Copy&Paste

This post is a somewhat extended “Note to Self” in the sense that some of this may also hopefully be useful for others. I like LaTeX a lot and its “listings” package is great for including source code in documents. … Continue reading

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Using the Clojure-based bowerick MoM/JMS Library in Java

First of all, for those who did not run across bowerick yet, here is a brief description: bowerick is a Clojure library that bundles the functionality of various Message-oriented Middleware (MoM)/Java Message Service (JMS) implementations and provides one centralized abstraction … Continue reading

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Unit Testing Arbitrary Interactive Clojure Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) with cli4clj – Illustrated using the Example of the Clojure REPL

In my previous posts, I primarily focused on cli4clj itself and on CLIs created with cli4clj. In this post, I want to address a bit the applicability of the cli4clj unit testing functionality for testing “third-party” CLIs. I will do … Continue reading

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