cli4clj – @clojuredconf Wrap-up

I just returned from the fantastic :clojureD 2019 conference.

As a wrap-up of my lightning talk on cli4clj, I uploaded the slides of my lightning talk: cli4clj – Easing the Implementation of Interactive Command Line Interfaces in Clojure for “Everyone”

I also added the LaTeX files for the presentation to the master branch of the cli4clj repository. In addition, I uploaded the minimal-example source code and tests shown in the talk.

If you want to try the example yourself, you can clone the clojured_2019 branch of the cli4clj repository and run the example via “lein run” (for the normal scrolling mode) and “lein run — alt” (for the alternate scrolling mode).

Huge thanks to everyone (organizers, attendees, speakers, etc.) involved in :clojureD. It was an honour to get the opportunity to present cli4clj at :clojureD. I enjoyed the conference a lot and had a great time exchanging thoughts and ideas with the lovely community.

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