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Plasma Active 4: New Rootfs Tarballs for ArchosG9 and Nexus7

It has been quite a while since I uploaded the last rootfs tarballs of Plasma Active 4 for ArchosG9 and Nexus7. Now, I just used the holidays to generate and upload new ones. In the meantime, the unpleasant bug with … Continue reading

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New #SailfishOS Apps for #Jolla – MeePasswords, Q To-Do, Emumaster

This is a brief, combined announcement. Two of my own apps, MeePasswords and Q To-Do, as well as another app, Emumaster, I had been porting a bit are available for SailfishOS/Jolla. I actually want to publish MeePasswords and Q To-Do … Continue reading

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Panoramic Photographies of Cádiz, Spain

Here are some more panoramic photographies from Cádiz, Spain. The photos were taken last week during a stay in Cádiz with my trusted N9 cell phone and were stitched with Hugin. From the technical point of view, I think, it … Continue reading

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