Panoramic Photographies of Cádiz, Spain

Here are some more panoramic photographies from Cádiz, Spain. The photos were taken last week during a stay in Cádiz with my trusted N9 cell phone and were stitched with Hugin. From the technical point of view, I think, it is pretty amazing what Hugin can achieve out of the box; I primarily used the default automatic picture alignment. From the aesthetic point of view, in my opinion, the historic part of Cádiz is a truly beautiful city. Needless to say that I really love to be in Cádiz.

The first picture shows a view on La Caleta taken from Castillo de Santa Catalina.


The next picture also shows La Caleta beach but this time seen from Castillo de San Sebastian.


The next two photos were taken from the top of Torre Tavira. The first shows the view to south-east, south, west to north; you can see places like the cathedral, the post office, the market place, Castillo de San Sebastian, or Plaza San Antonio. On both photos, Calle Sacramento can be nicely seen as straight street across the town.


The second photo shows the view in the directions south west, west, north, and east.


Both pictures had been cut in order to remove some small remaining stitching artefacts. I post the original images below.



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