Continuous Integration for clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap

This is just a very brief update. I actually did this some time ago but didn’t really get to write about it.

clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap now make use of Travis CI. Integrating Travis CI was actually very easy. What I was surprised about most was that it is even easily possible to run unit tests that require libpcap and have to be run as root; those unit tests, essentially, make use of packet capturing and injection provided by libpcap and accessed via jNetPcap. Great thanks to the guys from Travis CI for that really nice and easy to use tool. 🙂

You can see the summary of the CI status in the respective github repositories:

Right now, only the unit tests are run and the summarized results are shown on github. Things to do are to export the build results to some place where they can be downloaded and to export the detailed unit test results such that they can be accessed with a browser; right now, the detailed unit tests results that are linked in the repositories are only updated when I explicitly commit and push new results there.

While I was at it, I also added Travis CI integration for another project I am involved in: jnetpcapfacade.

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