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A To-do List Organizer

Q To-Do Version 0.7.1 + Updated QML TreeView

I had a little time to continue hacking on the Qt/QML port of To-Do O, Q To-Do. During this work I also reworked and updated my QML TreeView code a bit. You can get a compiled version for Harmattan (N9/N950) … Continue reading

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MeePasswords and Q To-Do on

Thanks to the community testers at MeePasswords and Q To-Do are now in the official software catalog there. Thanks a lot for your testing work and feedback. 🙂

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Q To-Do: a Port of To-Do-O to Qt/QML

Q To-Do is a work-in-progress on porting To-Do-O to Qt/QML. Currently Q To-Do supports the basic features for handling a to-do list, such as: adding new, editing, deleting, or moving entries. A sync functionality as in To-Do-O is currently missing. … Continue reading

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To-Do-O is a simple, cross-platform To-Do List organizer. To-Do-O is available for a wide range of platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP2 and up (5th ed. etc.), and Maemo Fremantle (N900). The user interface is optimized … Continue reading

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