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Display Relative Paths in taglist.vim

While the “Tag List” plug-in for Vim is really great, there is one peculiarity that I wasn’t so happy about. By default the displayed directory names are absolute paths. Hence, working in a little bit (depending on the displayed width … Continue reading


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SectionScroller vs. QAbstractProxyModel

In this post I wrote about how to use a Qt model with the QML SectionScroller. A more advanced use case is to encapsulate such a “basic” model in a QAbstractProxyModel instance like QSortFilterProxyModel. This at first will brake your … Continue reading

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Speed up TDD in Clojure with lein-reload

Personally, I am a big fan of the Test-driven Development (TDD) approach; iterative development by writing tests first and then implementing the required functionality is just so much fun and very efficient as well. As a very nice side effect … Continue reading

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