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QML FlowListView

In a “normal” QML ListView, typically, all elements have the same width; essentially, the width of the ListView. I had a use case in which I wanted to be able to display multiply elements side by side as well as … Continue reading

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N9: Dual Boot Nemo and Harmattan

I just succeeded in dual booting my N9 with Nemo and Harmattan. This is pretty cool as I can switch dynamically between Nemo and Harmattan on my day-to-day phone now. 🙂 Please note that by doing the steps below you … Continue reading

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clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap on

I just changed the names of my two Clojure libraries cljAcmeUtils and cljNetPcap. Those two libs are now named clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap respectively. Please excuse the inconvenience but I felt this step was necessary as I wanted to upload these … Continue reading

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Archos G9 and UMTS via Archos 3G USB Stick on Plasma Active Update

Earlier, I wrote about how to use UMTS with the Archos 3G USB UMTS stick in Plasma Active on Archos G9 [1][2][3]. There I introduced a number of custom stuff like changed kernel config, additional tools (usb-modeswitch), or additional configuration … Continue reading

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