clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap on

I just changed the names of my two Clojure libraries cljAcmeUtils and cljNetPcap. Those two libs are now named clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap respectively.

Please excuse the inconvenience but I felt this step was necessary as I wanted to upload these libs to This has the unfortunate consequence that you need to change the use/require statements in case you were already using these libs. On the other hand you can now include these libs much easier in your own projects.

The new projects at github are: and The projects on are available at: and Additionally, I uploaded the jNetPcap jar as used by clj-net-pcap with the native libs included to as well: This means that you can now get the jNetPcap dependency required for clj-net-pcap much easier.

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