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bowerick: Serialization Convenience, Command Line Helpers, and To-dos

In my previous post, I introduced bowerick for easing simple Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) tasks with Clojure (and Java). In this post, I will introduce some more features of bowerick in more detail. In addition, I will discuss some of the … Continue reading

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bowerick: Easing Simple Message-oriented Middleware Tasks with Clojure (and Java)

TL;DR The aim of bowerick is to ease simple Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) tasks with Clojure and, to some extent, with Java. The general functionality that is offered by bowerick is: Creating message producers and sending messages. Creating message consumers and … Continue reading

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Panoramic Photos, Heidelberg & Dielheim

I used a trip this year to Dielheim and Heidelberg, as opportunity to try to make some more panoramic photos. As usual, I took the individual photos with my smartphone and used Huggin as stitcher. The first two panoramas were … Continue reading

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