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Nemo Apps on Plasma Active

In this post I showed the basic steps on how to enable the general possibility for running Nemo Apps on Plasma Active. With this preparation it is, e.g., possible to run the Nemo version of Q To-Do or MeePasswords on … Continue reading

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Run Nemo Apps on PlasmaActive

Currently, PlasmaActive is still lacking quite a number of apps. In order to, at least temporarily, circumvent this issue, one option is to use the corresponding Nemo apps. Usually Nemo apps are intended for smaller screen sizes like found in … Continue reading

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FingerTerm on Plasma Active Update

There had been some changes in the layout of the Mer repositories some time ago. So in order to install FingerTerm now you need a different set of download repositories. Below is the updated snippet: Note that I had to … Continue reading

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Some Panoramic Photos

Last December I started to experiment with stitching photographs to panoramic photos. In this post I publish some of the results I created over time. All these photos were taken with either the N950 or N9. The stitching software I … Continue reading

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cljNetPcap Version 1.6.3

Already before my vacation I fixed some annoying issues in cljNetPcap. You can get cljNetPcap version 1.6.3 from its github page. This version improves the stability, offers more robust mechanisms for extracting the shipped native libs, and improves the stability … Continue reading

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N9 Touchstone Mod

Before going on, the usual disclaimer apply. Doing the things described or shown here you will for sure void your device warranty. Furthermore, you really risk breaking your device or causing other, possibly serious, damage to you, your surroundings etc. … Continue reading

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