N9 Touchstone Mod

Before going on, the usual disclaimer apply. Doing the things described or shown here you will for sure void your device warranty. Furthermore, you really risk breaking your device or causing other, possibly serious, damage to you, your surroundings etc. Having said that we can go on.

I did this quite some time ago but actually didn’t happen to find the moment to write the blog post. Similarly to the N900 Powermat Mod, I modded my N9 for wireless charging. This time I used the Palm Touchstone wireless charging kit.

On the first glance the N9 seems to be much more compact and higher integrated than the N900. However, as it turned out there is still enough space in there to fit in the required parts for wireless charging. I posted the details of this mod on talk.maemo.org.

In this post I show the full resolution photos I took as examples for the above blog post. Hopefully, they will be useful for someone.


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