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Continuous Integration for clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap

This is just a very brief update. I actually did this some time ago but didn’t really get to write about it. clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap now make use of Travis CI. Integrating Travis CI was actually very easy. What I … Continue reading

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Automatically clone all repositories defined in conf/gitolite.conf

In this post, I post a simple, hackish script to clone all repositories defined in a gitolite config file. There may be various reasons why one should want to clone a bunch of repositories at a time, e.g., in case … Continue reading

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Recursive Update Script for SVN, Git, etc.

I am working with a bigger number of different version control systems. I use these from different locations, so I have the use-case of frequently updating those repositories. The following script recursively traverses a directory structure; once it finds a … Continue reading


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