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bowerick – Easing Simple Message-oriented Middleware Tasks with Clojure (and Java)
cli4clj – Create simple interactive CLIs for Clojure applications.
clj-assorted-utils – Unsorted bunch of helper and utility functions for Clojure
clj-net-pcap – A wrapper/facade/whatever to enable/ease the use of jNetPcap (a libpcap based packet sniffing lib) in Clojure
DRePCap – Prototype for evaluating dynamic distributed remote packet capturing.
test2junit – Emit Clojure test output in Junit XML format and optionally automatically invoke HTML generation.

test2junit Version 1.3.0 Released

As my last post about test2junit is some time ago, here is the very brief description: test2junit is a Leiningen plug-in that provides improved JUnit XML format output when executing clojure.test tests. In addition, it allows to automatically run the … Continue reading

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clj-net-pcap Version 1.7.1 Released

I actually uploaded clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 quite some time ago. Unfortunately, I was very busy and couldn’t even write an announcement. In this post, I briefly announce the clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 release. I did the work on clj-net-pcap version 1.7.1 … Continue reading

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Using the Clojure-based bowerick MoM/JMS Library in Java

First of all, for those who did not run across bowerick yet, here is a brief description: bowerick is a Clojure library that bundles the functionality of various Message-oriented Middleware (MoM)/Java Message Service (JMS) implementations and provides one centralized abstraction … Continue reading

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Unit Testing Arbitrary Interactive Clojure Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) with cli4clj – Illustrated using the Example of the Clojure REPL

In my previous posts, I primarily focused on cli4clj itself and on CLIs created with cli4clj. In this post, I want to address a bit the applicability of the cli4clj unit testing functionality for testing “third-party” CLIs. I will do … Continue reading

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cli4clj 1.2.5 – Improved Testability of Multi-threaded Command Line Applications in Clojure

In my previous post, I already outlined the problem of testing multi-threaded interactive command line interfaces (CLIs). In the meantime, I came up with some improvements for addressing the testability of multi-threaded command line applications with cli4clj. In this post … Continue reading

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cli4clj Version 1.2.3 Released

cli4clj is a library for easing the implementation of simple interactive command line interfaces (CLIs) for Clojure applications. In this post, I briefly announce the release of cli4clj version 1.2.3. The most important changes in version 1.2.3 are: Add support … Continue reading

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Playing a bit with Message-oriented Middleware Protocols/Transports using bowerick

bowerick combines various libraries, e.g., for Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) protocols/transports. One aim was to provide an easily usable abstraction for playing and experimenting with MoM implementations. In this post, I use bowerick for a simple toy experiment to illustrate some … Continue reading

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