cli4clj 1.7.9 – Properly GraalVM-ready and Fixes

cli4clj aims on enabling developers to “Create simple interactive Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) for Clojure applications.” With the latest version, 1.7.9, which I pushed some time ago this year, cli4clj should finally be properly GraalVM-ready.

In a previous post, I described some earlier experiments of cli4clj with GraalVM. Back then, it was still necessary to fall back to an older Clojure version. Fortunately, the ecosystem seems to be better suited now to properly use GraalVM “in production”.

Now, cli4clj can be used with GraalVM and the current Clojure version. I also added cli4clj to the grallvm-clojure list. graalvm-clojure also has instructions on building native binaries of Clojure applications.

In addition to better GraalVM support, the current cli4clj version also adds some minor fixes, e.g., regarding handling of CTRL+D and for running on Windows.

Also, thanks a lot to the entire community working on the various aspects of the ecosystem! 🙂

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