Reviving MeePasswords and Q To-Do Android Versions

In this post, I write about new versions of two apps of mine, for which the roots roughly date back to the Nokia N900, N950, and N9. The post is about new versions of the “MeePasswords” password management and the “Q To-Do” to-do list management applications for Android.

MeePasswords is a password management application that dates back to the time of MeeGo/Harmattan and the Nokia N9 and N950. I started the development as there was no password management application for Harmattan back then. At least, I wasn’t aware of any.

Q To-Do is a simple to-do list application. It dates back even further than MeePasswords. It initially started as a J2ME application called “To-Do-O” ( To-Do-O originally targeted J2ME eSWT Symbian S60 like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Later, I added support for the Maemo Fremantle on the Nokia N900. (See also libswt-hildon.)

Years ago, there had already been Android versions for MeePasswords and Q To-Do. However, they target comparably old Android versions and do not work with current Android versions.

Most of reviving MeePasswords and Q To-Do was mainly re-compiling the applications with a newer Qt version and using a newer Android NDK/SDK version. It was very nice to see that despite the long inactivity, most worked out of the box. Also, getting the Android build/development environment working was much easier than what I remembered from the last time I worked on these projects. However, there were some small steps that required extra work:

  • For MeePasswords, the biggest obstable was to get the Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) working again. I wrote some feedback about this in the following forum thread: Also thanks a lot to Marek for the original post and providing the cmake command line, which was the missing link for me to get things working again.
  • For Q To-Do, I wanted to give Qt6 a try and also try moving from qmake to cmake. I wrote some feedback about this in the following forum thread:

The new versions are available for Android as APKs for download:

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