Nemo Apps on Plasma Active

In this post I showed the basic steps on how to enable the general possibility for running Nemo Apps on Plasma Active. With this preparation it is, e.g., possible to run the Nemo version of Q To-Do or MeePasswords on Plasma Active.

Essentially, one can install any Nemo App via the built-in package manager this way. The following example shows how to install Q To-Do and MeePasswords (given that you already prepared your Plasma Active installation as described in the post mentioned above):

zypper in qtodo
zypper in meepasswords

While it is generally possibly to install all Nemo apps, some need a little bit of additional manual work to run. One such app is, e.g., TwimGo. Like Q To-Do or MeePasswords TwimGo can be installed as follows:

zypper in com.substanceofcode.twimgo

However, you will notice that it will not run right away. You can debug the issue by running it from the command line. Below is the output of an attempt to run TwimGo in a remote shell via SSH (Note to run this as “mer” user. When in doubt do a “su – mer” before running this.):

[mer@localhost ~]$ DISPLAY=:0 /opt/com.substanceofcode.twimgo/bin/TwimGo
Adding Master Pointer: Virtual core pointer ( 2 )
Skipping non-Touch device: Virtual core XTEST pointer ( 4 )
Adding ATTACHED touch device: ARCHOS-TWL6040 Headset Jack ( 8 )
Adding ATTACHED touch device: MMA8453Q Accelerometer ( 9 )
Adding ATTACHED touch device: compass ( 10 )
Adding ATTACHED touch device: tr16c0_i2c_tsp ( 11 )
file:///opt/com.substanceofcode.twimgo/qml/TwimGo/main.qml:21:1: module "QtMobility.location" is not installed
import QtMobility.location 1.1

As can be seen in the output it is missing QtMobility.location. This missing module can be easily installed.

Firstly, we need to figure out which package we need. We can do this as follows:

[root@localhost ~]# zypper search location
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                               | Summary                                                            | Type
| contextkit-meego-location-geoclue  | Geoclue location plugin for Contextkit                             | package
| contextkit-meego-location-skyhook  | Skyhook location plugin for Contextkit                             | package
| contextkit-plugin-location-gypsy   | Location ContextKit plugin using org.freedesktop.Gypsy             | package
| contextkit-plugin-location-skyhook | Location ContextKit plugin using com.skyhookwireless.wps interface | package
| libdeclarative-location            | Qt Mobility Location QML plugin                                    | package
i | libqtlocation1                     | Qt Mobility Location module                                        | package

As we can see we already have libqtlocation1 installed but are missing the corresponding QML module. We can install the missing module as follows (as “root” user):

zypper in libdeclarative-location

That’s it. Now you can run TwimGo. Furthermore, you now know the general way of how to install Nemo apps and how to debug issues with apps that require additional packages.

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