Q To-Do on github

Q To-Do is a simplistic todo list organizer. Q To-Do is available for Harmattan/MeeGo and Nemo/Mer. For more information about Q To-Do, its features, usage, installation, screenshots, etc. please see the new Q To-Do homepage at github.

Up to now Q To-Do, including the source code, was hosted within the sourceforge project of To-Do O. However, even while Q To-Do and To-Do O share the same file format, I think, this was somewhat confusing.

I created a new home for Q To-Do on github and moved all the Q To-Do code there. From now on the development of Q To-Do will only happen in the github repository.

Furthermore, I created a new home page for Q To-Do at github as well. There you can find more information about Q To-Do.

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