Run Nemo Apps on PlasmaActive

Currently, PlasmaActive is still lacking quite a number of apps. In order to, at least temporarily, circumvent this issue, one option is to use the corresponding Nemo apps.

Usually Nemo apps are intended for smaller screen sizes like found in smartphone-class devices. Nonetheless, Nemo apps are touch UI apps. Hence, they should be usable also on other touch screen devices/OSs (like tablets running PlasmaActive) as well.

The following listing shows how to get the prerequisites for running Nemo apps on PlasmaActive.

zypper ar
zypper ar
zypper ar

zypper in qt-components meegotouch-theme-darko libmeegotouch libmeegotouch-l10n-en meegotouch-applauncherd meegotouch-theme

From here on you should be set to run most of the existing Nemo apps. So far I tried Q ToDo and Twimgo and both essentially run.

However, there are some issues with respect to the apps being displayed completely fullscreen. As a result the PlasmaActive status bar will be hidden. One, admittedly crude, workaround is to enter the lock-screen screen by pressing the power button and directly unlocking it again; then the status bar will re-appear.

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