Some Panoramic Photos

Last December I started to experiment with stitching photographs to panoramic photos. In this post I publish some of the results I created over time.

All these photos were taken with either the N950 or N9. The stitching software I used was Hugin. Except this, no other “fancy” equipment was used.

The following photo shows a close-up of a river in Italy, more particular Liguria. I actually don’t know if it is a river or more like a creek. However, I think it is a good appetizer.

The next photo is a view from the house we were staying during our vacation in Italy.

The following photo is a view on Ceriana, where the house was located. Ceriana is a very nice, small town located in the mountains near Sanremo.

This photo shows the conference center at the campus of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I took the below picture in a forest in Germany in a region known as Spessart.

Finally, the next three photos were all taken in Singapore. The first shows the marina in Singapore.

The second one shows a view in the Fort Canning park.

Last but not least there is a view on the skyline of Singapore taken from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

I hope you liked these panoramic photos. They were all scaled in order to reduce the size.

All these images are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share a like license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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