More Panoramic Photos

It has been quite a while since my first post with panoramic photos. In the meantime, I collected some more panoramas, I’d like to share.

This is one of my favorite panoramas. It shows Plaza España in Sevilla. This place is really impressive and is so well suited for shooting panoramic photographs.


The next three pictures were taken in Cádiz. The first shows the coast line seen from the old part of town in direction of the new part. Besides that I really love Cádiz, this photo is pretty interesting from the stitching point of view as the waves (which actually move pretty much) don’t show any artefacts; at least I couldn’t find any.


The second picture shows a wooden model that illustrates how the historic part of Cádiz looked some hundred years ago. You can clearly see the cathedral but also Plaza St. Antonio and Calle Ancha.


The third panorama from Cádiz shows Plaza Catedral at night. This picture actually does not capture all the beauty of this place at night. You can see that the N9 camera and the stitching tool reached their limits with this night scene. Anyway, I like it.


The next picture is from Brussels when I visited the FOSDEM 2013. It was taken in Jubelpark.


Last but not least, this picture shows the view from the balcony of our new flat on a sunny winter day.


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