Q To-Do: Now with synchronization and more

During the past weeks, I put a little effort in further improving my to-do list app: Q To-Do. In this post, I announce the new and improved version 0.11.6 of Q To-Do.

This version offers new features like synchronization of different instances, a re-worked UI, and bug fixes. Q To-Do is now available for Nokia N9 (MeeGo/Harmattan), Nemomobile, PlasmaActive, and Desktops (Linux, Windows). The main features of this Q To-Do version are:

  • Simple and Easy to Use User Interface
  • Available for Smartphones (N9, Nemomobile), Tablets (Plasma Active), and Desktops (Linux, Windows)
  • Synchronization between Different Installations, e.g., Smartphone and Desktop (Requires an e-mail account with IMAP support.)
  • Support for Touch Screens and “Normal” Mouse/Keyboard Control
  • Intuitive Swipe Gestures in all Versions
  • Simple Sketches
  • Nested To-Dos
  • Progress Bar
  • Indicator for Nesting Level
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Desktop Version
  • Batch Delete of Done Items
  • Different Colors for To-Dos
  • System Tray Icon (Desktop Version)

Below are some screenshots of the N9 version:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can get the N9 version from the Nokia Store. For more information plus download links for the desktop versions see the Q To-Do homepage.

Versions for SailfishOS and BlackBerry 10 are in preparation.

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