New #SailfishOS Apps for #Jolla – MeePasswords, Q To-Do, Emumaster

This is a brief, combined announcement. Two of my own apps, MeePasswords and Q To-Do, as well as another app, Emumaster, I had been porting a bit are available for SailfishOS/Jolla.

I actually want to publish MeePasswords and Q To-Do via Harbour. Both are also already submitted. However, as long as those are not approved you can get these from the following locations: and

Emumaster was originally written by elemental. Great thanks for this nice app elemental, by the way. I only contributed some patches that allow building and running Emumaster on Mer-based platforms and lately also did some Qt5 and Sailfish porting as well. I consider the EmuMaster port as a work-in-progress and everyone is invited to join the porting effort.

For more information and discussion, I opened threads at for MeePasswords, Q To-Do, and Emumaster. Below, I added some screenshots of those apps as well. I hope you like the apps. Feedback is always appreciated.


Q To-Do:


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1 Response to New #SailfishOS Apps for #Jolla – MeePasswords, Q To-Do, Emumaster

  1. Igor says:

    Thank you for good programs for Jolla! You help me migrate from N9 to Jolla. Mee password is one of important programs for me.
    But I have one small wish. Is it possible to use auto expanded fields ( as for notes) for passwords and user name? I have user names and passwords more than 30 characters and I can not see and edit these in current version.

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