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VUMeter is a fun-tool to display the sound level. VUMeter presents the current sound level using different views. Furthermore VUMeter provides many configuration options. You can e.g. store the recorded sound levels to a file, trigger a command based on … Continue reading


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StultitiaSimplex is a simple sound board application. With StultitiaSimplex you have your silly sound snippets quickly and easily at hand whenever you need them. StultitiaSimplex is available for Linux, Windows, and Maemo Fremantle (N900). A port to MeeGo / Harmattan … Continue reading

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To-Do-O is a simple, cross-platform To-Do List organizer. To-Do-O is available for a wide range of platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP2 and up (5th ed. etc.), and Maemo Fremantle (N900). The user interface is optimized … Continue reading

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