cljNetPcap: Packet Capturing with Clojure

Update: Please note that cljNetPcap had been moved to clj-net-pcap.

cljNetPcap allows to easily capture packets in Clojure. cljNetPcap builds on top of the jNetPcap Java library and provides a wrapper/facade/whatever for easily using the functionality as provided by jNetPcap from within Clojure code. jNetPcap itself is an, in my opinion, very good packet capturing library for Java that enables easy access to the packet capturing functionality as provided by libpcap.

I wrote cljNetPcap in order to enable packet capturing in Clojure. Besides providing a wrapper for using jNetPcap in Clojure cljNetPcap features some more convenience functionality to further ease the usage of jNetPcap. In this post I just make the general announcement for cljNetPcap. If my time allows it I will explain the cljNetPcap functionality and architecture in more detail as well.

cljNetPcap is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The cljNetPcap source code can be downloaded from github. For building, running tests, and packaging cljNetPcap Leiningen is used.

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