cljAcmeUtils: Assorted Helper Functions for Clojure

cljAcmeUtils is a collection of assorted helper functions that I wrote over time in order to reduce the amount of duplicate code in my Clojure projects and to help me implement code quicker. Now, I finally had the time to publicly release this code. I hope this is useful for some.

cljAcmeUtils is released under the terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL), the same license under which Clojure is released. cljAcmeUtils including its source code can be downloaded from github. For building, running tests, and packaging Leiningen is used.

For now, I just post the general announcement here. Later, I will also explain some of the functionality included in cljAcmeUtils a little bit more in detail. For now you can have a look at the docstrings or unit tests.

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