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Simplictionary – A simple dictionary reader for N9/N950 (Harmattan)

Simplictionary is a simple reader for dictionaries in XDXF format. It is almost entirely written in QML (except the usual launcher part and a tiny helper class for getting a list of installed dictionaries from the filesystem). You can download … Continue reading

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VUMeter in Ovi Store

Some days ago VUMeter for Harmattan/MeeGo got accepted in the Ovi Store: http://store.ovi.com/content/210578

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MeePasswords Version 1.6.0 for Harmattan

I just uploaded version 1.6.0 of MeePasswords for MeeGo/Harmattan to my and rzr’s repository. This version fixes an issue which got reported to me several times. Essentially, this issue prevented some people from using MeePasswords as there was an error … Continue reading


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New Version of the QML TreeView

I already posted an implementation of a QML TreeView some time ago. In the meantime I reworked this implementation, improved data and selection handling (the TreeView now comes e.g. with currentItem and currentIndex properties), added some (hopefully useful) comments, and … Continue reading

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Reorder Items in a QML ListView via Touch Gestures

The stock QML ListView is pretty handy for displaying simple data structures. While porting To-Do-O to Qt/QML (MeeGo/Harmattan to be more precise) I stumbled across a use case where I want to move / reorder items in a list. In … Continue reading

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QML SectionScroller vs. QAbstractListModel

A SectionScroller essentially allows quick scrolling in large lists. Though, there are some pitfalls when you want to use a custom C++/Qt based model with a SectionScroller in QML. Please note that this should work with a QAbstractItemModel based model … Continue reading

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QML TreeView

QML does not (at the time of writing) provide a component to display tree structures. There are some approaches/efforts to display tree structures http://qt-way-notes.blogspot.com  http://steveire.wordpress.com. Nonetheless I coded a TreeView on my own. The following video shows the implementation made … Continue reading

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Share QML Code among Fremantle and Harmattan

Qt and QML are really great for writing nice and beautiful UIs and applications that can be easily deployed across different platforms and operating systems. Though, I had to discover that the slogan “Code once, deploy everywhere” is not entirely … Continue reading

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QComboBox for QML

QML does not come (yet?) with the equivalent of a QComboBox. As I find a ComboBox quite useful, even for touch UIs, I wrote a simple wrapper / adapter or whatever you want to call it that enables using a … Continue reading

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MeePasswords – Keep your passwords protected.

MeePasswords is a simple app to store confidential data like passwords etc. in a secure way. MeePasswords uses 256 bit AES CBC encryption. The UI is optimized for small touchscreen devices such as smartphones. MeePasswords is available for Maemo Fremantle … Continue reading

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