MeePasswords Version 1.6.0 for Harmattan

I just uploaded version 1.6.0 of MeePasswords for MeeGo/Harmattan to my and rzr’s repository.

This version fixes an issue which got reported to me several times. Essentially, this issue prevented some people from using MeePasswords as there was an error on the first start.

This issue was related to Aegis which I used for storing the encrypted data. Hence, in order to resolve this issue, as of this version I moved away from using Aegis and instead store the encrypted data in a file in the home directory. More specifically in the suggested place for keeping permanent application data (As pointed out in the corresponding documentation.).

I tried to take very much care to make the upgrade process as seamless and robust as possible. I.e., you should not experience any change if you upgrade your existing pre 1.6.0 version to 1.6.0.
On the first start all data should be simply copied from the Aegis store to the appropriate place in your home directory.
Please let me know (here or via e-mail) if, for whatever reason, something went wrong during this update.

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