QZeeControl for MeeGo/Harmattan

This month I finally started to work on a small project I wanted to do already since long time ago: QZeeControl enables controlling your Harmattan/MeeGo based smartphone via a Zeemote bluetooth remote control. For those of you who already used Zeecontrol on the N900, the usage of QZeeControl is very similar to Zeecontrol on Maemo 5/Fremantle.

QZeeControl features include:

  • discovery mechanism for remote controls,
  • discovered remote controls are stored to speed-up subsequent connects,
  • interactive test functionality,
  • settings menu for configuring key mappings/bindings,
  • and support for using up to two remote controls simultaneously.

Note that the interactive test functionality is only activated when the QZeeControl window is active. Consequently, there are no performance penalties due to this during normal operation.

You can download QZeeControl from: http://qzeecontrol.garage.maemo.org/releases/

For more information about QZeeControl and how to use it please visit the QZeeControl homepage.

There is also a forum thread over at talk.maemo.org with discussion about QZeeControl. Feedback like feature requests, bug reports, etc. is always highly appreciated. Alternatively, you can just comment in here as well.

As usual, the whole code is Open Source and you can get it at the corresponding garage.maemo.org project site: https://garage.maemo.org/projects/qzeecontrol

Please note that Zeemote (TM) is a trademark of Zeemote Technology Inc. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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