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test2junit 1.2.1 released

This is a brief post to announce the release of test2junit 1.2.1. For those who do not know test2junit yet, here is the brief description from the readme: Test2junit is “a leiningen plug-in to output test results to JUnit XML … Continue reading

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cli4clj Version 1.0.0 Released

In this post, I announce the release of version 1.0.0 of cli4clj. Even though I was already fairly happy about the state of cli4clj as posted before, I decided to add some more improvements. In the following, I first provide … Continue reading

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Update on cli4clj for easing the implementation of CLIs in Clojure

In my last post, I introduced my first shot on cli4clj, which is intended to ease the implementation of command line interfaces (CLIs) in Clojure. Since then, I thought a lot about the future directions of cli4clj and did various … Continue reading

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Easing the Implementation of Simple Interactive CLIs for #Clojure Applications with cli4clj

tl;dr: cli4clj is a library for easing the implementation of interactive command line interfaces (CLIs) for Clojure applications. Currently, the main aim is to allow an easy implementation of a custom interactive CLI that is easily usable, even by people … Continue reading

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Dynamic Distributed Remote Packet Capturing with DRePCap

In scope of my PhD as well as my work as researcher, among other things, I also researched the concept of dynamic distribute remote packet capturing. Some results of this work were published in the paper: “Monitoring Traffic in Computer … Continue reading

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clj-net-pcap – Improvements and Preparations for next Release

It’s been a while since I posted the last update about clj-net-pcap. Before the work on my PhD thesis started to occupy most of my time, I actually put some more effort into further optimizing and improving clj-net-pcap. However, due … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration for clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap

This is just a very brief update. I actually did this some time ago but didn’t really get to write about it. clj-assorted-utils and clj-net-pcap now make use of Travis CI. Integrating Travis CI was actually very easy. What I … Continue reading

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test2junit: Leiningen Plug-in for Writing Test Results in JUnit XML Format

I like test-driven development very much. Over time the number of test cases grows and grows. As one consequence, it may become difficult to keep the overview of the results. As a simple mean to get an overview of my … Continue reading

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clj-net-pcap 1.0.6 released

I just uploaded a new version of clj-net-pcap. This version re-adds native libs for Linux i386 and fixes some issues in jNetPcap with respect to formatting IPv6 addresses. Jars are available from clojars: https://clojars.org/clj-net-pcap https://clojars.org/jnetpcap Alternatively you can get the … Continue reading

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Clojure Guide and Presentation

Some time ago I started to write a simple guide about the Clojure programming language. In the meantime I also added an introductory presentation. Finally, I also had the time to push everything to github: https://github.com/ruedigergad/clojure-by-example For those who didn’t … Continue reading

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