cli4clj 1.1.0 Released

This is a brief post to announce the release of cli4clj, a small library for easing the creation of interactive command line interfaces (CLIs), version 1.1.0. The most noteworthy changes in version 1.1.0 are:

  • Updated dependencies
  • Moved the testing helper functions from cli4clj.cli to cli4clj.cli-tests.

I did the latter change in order to improve the organization of the code and to make it easier for users to identify which functions/macros are useful for which purpose. However, if you are already using the testing helper functionality, you need to change the imported namespace from cli4clj.cli to cli4clj.cli-tests.

As usual, constructive criticism, comments, and feedback are highly appreciated.

PS: Shortly after writing this, I realized that I did not update to the latest stable jline2 version, which is 2.14.2. cli4clj version 1.1.1 fixes this.


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