bowerick 1.99.17 released.

In this post, I briefly announce the release of bowerick version 1.99.17. Compared to the next post I have planned, this is not the chronological but the, in my opinion, logical order.

Changes compared to the previous bowerick release are:

  • Enable heartbeat for Web Socket (WS) client connections.
  • Add simple examples for connecting to the broker from a web browser.

Having a heartbeat for WS client connections avoids disconnects due to timeout when using bowerick as WS client. The default values (10000 in ms) can be overridden by re-binding the *ws-client-ping-heartbeat* and *ws-client-pong-heartbeat* global dynamic variables.

In addition, I added two simple examples for using Message-oriented Middleware WS connections from a web browser. Playing with these examples actually was what motivated me to add the WS client heartbeat as the timeout disconnects became a little annoying over time. In the next post or posts, I plan to write about the WS web browser examples.

I hope bowerick is useful for you. I am happy about any constructive feedback and criticism.

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3 Responses to bowerick 1.99.17 released.

  1. eaksenov says:

    Hi, I recently discovered bowerick and really like it. It’s simple but powerful tool. But one thing buggering me. It not possible to add any message properties. Not a big deal, but it stop me to change on bowerick from my custom solution.

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