Video of My #clojuredconf / @clojuredconf Talk: “Packet Capturing with the JVM and Clojure – Yes, we can!”

The video was uploaded already quite some time ago. However, I still want to put a link on my blog to have all references in a common place.

In case you are interested, here is the teaser or abstract that I submitted for the conference schedule:

“In this talk, it will be shown that packet capturing with Clojure works fast, how it is made fast, and that Clojure offers amazing capabilities for processing such high-throughput stream data. Following a bottom-up approach, the covered topics include:

  • integration of low-level packet capturing with the JVM via JNI,
  • acceleration of packet capturing with the JVM up to the magnitude of 10 GBit/s speed,
  • a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for extracting information from raw binary data,
  • and a self-adaptive mechanism for automatically adjusting the data processing at run-time. While this talk focuses on packet capturing, the presented topics can also be applied to other application fields.”

The video is available from :clojureD via YouTube:

The slides of the talk can be found in an earlier post.

Once more, many many thanks to everyone involved in :clojureD: organizers, attendees, speakers, and everyone else. :clojureD was a fantastic experience as speaker, as attendee to the other talks, and as part of the many great conversations with the very nice people around.

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