Plasma Active – Archos G9 armv7hl Rootfs Tarballs

In a previous post I briefly wrote about the current progress on getting an armv7hl build of Plasma Active on Archos G9 working. In the meantime I even (somehow) got the time to build and upload up-to-date rootfs tarballs for the testing and devel branch. You can get these tarballs from:

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3 Responses to Plasma Active – Archos G9 armv7hl Rootfs Tarballs

  1. Yannick Kiekens says:

    Thx! I’ll try these soon.
    I was afraid the G9 support would die off. The basyskom images aren’t in great shape

  2. pasnoxNox says:

    How we install this tarball ?

  3. pasnox says:

    The tarball do not boot for me on my g9 80.
    I followed the installation guide on the basyskom download center.
    Any hint ?

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