Plasma Active for Archos G9 armv7hl

I had this lurking on my local disk and in my repositories on cobs @ far too long. Up to now, Plasma Active for Archos G9 had only been available as armv7l (soft float).

Some time ago I was trying to update the accelerated pvr graphics drivers for Plasma Active on Archos G9. While I didn’t really succeed with that attempt, one, imho nice, result is an armv7hl (hard float) version of Plasma Active for Archos G9.

You can get a .ks file for creating a Plasma Active armv7hl rootfs tarball for Archos G9 from here. I hope some will find this useful and that there are people out there who still use their trusted Archos G9 and run Plasma Active. 😉

PS: Thanks to dm8tbr: I took our discussion at FOSDEM as motivation to upload this.

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7 Responses to Plasma Active for Archos G9 armv7hl

  1. Markus says:

    Thank you. I will hopefully get PA3 on my G9 soon.

  2. sledges says:

    This is a patch for latest pvr-omap4 (Pandaboard from TI PPA, but should fit generic omap4, no?):

    pvrsrvinit has to be called before Xorg starts.

    What was problem with pvr on G9 ?

    • ruedigergad says:

      The problem is that the 1.9.x pvr kernel module does not build/work with the 3.0.8 Archos kernel. For building the 1.9.x pvr kernel module kernel version 3.4.x is required.
      On the other hand, updating the Archos kernel to 3.4.x is pretty complicated as there are lots of Archos specific changes in the Archos 3.0.8 kernel.
      Even worse, between kernel 3.0.x and 3.4.x there had been huge changes in the kernel tree (iirc one of the biggest changes was the dma buf stuff that got introduced in 3.3.0. Edit: If I am not mistaken there had also be significant changes to some dri or hw-acell subsystem in 3.4.0.). Hence, it is very difficult to backport the things required for building the 1.9.x pvr dkms drivers as well as forward port the Archos specific kernel changes.
      Any hints are highly appreciated.

      • sledges says:

        You could try pvr-omap4 1.7 branch from same TI PPA.
        Or kick Archos it’s time to bump their kernel 😉
        Also Archos-specific kernel changes shouldn’t be that much (yeah right) 🙂

      • sledgees says:

        What I mean is that in theory it should still boot on an OMAP4 kernel (but seen way too many times things just don’t :))

      • ruedigergad says:

        The armv7hl version uses the latest version from the pvr-omap4 1.7 branch I could find: pvr-omap4-git- (see The latest armv7l version of pvr-omap4 by the way is pvr-omap4-git-
        With respect to the Archos specific changes: well, at least from my memory there were quite a lot changes. The following is just the output of searching for files named *archos*:
        Afaik not all of those are necessary anymore as some should already be in the mainline kernel, like the touchscreen drivers. But I assume that at least the board configs are required to be specific? From having looked at the differences in the board configs I got the impression that this is required for booting.

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