nemo-compatibility 0.1.0 – Easily use Nemo Apps on Plasma Active

In several previous posts I wrote about using Nemo apps on Plasma Active. Personally, I think this is pretty cool because you get a lot more nice applications for your Plasma Active tablet for free. Many Nemo applications are very well usable also on the bigger screen of a tablet. I posted screenshots of Nemo apps running on Plasma Active here and here.

In order to ease the installation of Nemo apps on Plasma Active (but possibly also on other systems) I created a special repository and a meta-package that helps you to install the needed packages. I called this package “nemo-compatibility”. The installation should be straight forward and happens in four steps. Note that all this needs to be run as root user.

Firstly, you need to add my nemo-compatibility download repository. Below is an example how this is done for Plasma Active on Archos G9 or other armv7l tablets, but nemo-compatibility is also available for other architectures.

# Add the nemo-compatibility repository (example for Archos G9 and other armv7l systems).
zypper ar -G

Next, you need to install the nemo-compatibility package as shown below.

# Install nemo-compatibility.
zypper in nemo-compatibility

After the installation has finished you need to run a script. You should have gotten a hint to run this script also during the installation. This script will add the required repositories and install required packages. This is shown in the next listing.

# Run post installation script. install

After this has been run you might need to restart Xorg or your tablet. You should have gotten an according notification when you ran that script. The simplest way is to restart Xorg as shown below.

# Restart Xorg.
killall Xorg
# Xorg will automatically restart. Give it a little time.

That’s it. Now you can install Nemo apps like TwimGo, puzzle-master, or Q ToDo as shown below.

# Install Nemo apps.
zypper in com.substanceofcode.twimgo puzzle-master qtodo

There is one caveat right now. For some reasons the icons for newly installed applications do not show up directly after the installation. To fix this you can restart the tablet. The icons should be there after the reboot. However, to test the newly installed apps you can as well start these via a terminal. I will be looking into how this can be fixed later. For now I am very happy that this, in general, works reasonably well to be used in daily usage.

Update: the problem that the icons were not updating properly was a bug in Plasma Active that had been fixed in the meantime. So, the most recent testing versions should not exhibit this issue. Thanks a lot to Aaron Seigo (aka aseigo) for the quick fix. 🙂

Your feedback and questions are highly appreciated. I hope you enjoy using Nemo apps on Plasma Active as much as I do. 🙂

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