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Advanced Clock Plugin – A customizable replacement for the clock of the Nokia N900
QBinaryClock – A simple binary clock widget for N900 and Desktop
Simplictionary – Simple reader for dictionaries in XDXF format
SkippingStones – SkippingStones is an attempt on creating a QML implementation of the protocol as used by the Pebble smart watches.
To-Do-O – A To-do List Organizer
VUMeter – Display the volume level.
Zeecontrol – Control the Nokia N900 via a Zeemote Bluetooth remote control.

Advanced Clock Plugin

Advanced Clock Plugin is a highly customizable replacement for the stock clock of the N900. Advanced Clock Plugin comes with different clock styles and offers many settings to further customize the look of the clock. Furthermore Advanced Clock Plugin is … Continue reading

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QBinaryClock is a simple clock widget displaying the time in binary representation. QBinaryClock is available for Linux, Windows, and Maemo Fremantle (N900). QBinaryClock can show the time in many different formats and representation. A thread about QBinaryClock is available … Continue reading

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Zeecontrol is a front-end to libzeemote for Maemo Fremantle (N900). With Zeecontrol you can control your N900 via the Zeemote Bluetooth remote control. Zeecontrol can be downloaded from the Maemo Fremantle extras repository via the application manager. A port to … Continue reading

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VUMeter is a fun-tool to display the sound level. VUMeter presents the current sound level using different views. Furthermore VUMeter provides many configuration options. You can e.g. store the recorded sound levels to a file, trigger a command based on … Continue reading

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To-Do-O is a simple, cross-platform To-Do List organizer. To-Do-O is available for a wide range of platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP2 and up (5th ed. etc.), and Maemo Fremantle (N900). The user interface is optimized … Continue reading

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