Note to self: Getting vim-eastwood to work.

This is primarily a brief note to self but maybe someone else may find this useful as well. I learned about eastwood and vim-eastwood some time ago and initially struggled a bit with getting it to work properly.

I installed vim-eastwood and syntastic following the instructions that can be found in the respective readme files. I also “installed”/”enabled” eastwood by adding to my ~/.lein/profiles.clj as follows:

{:user {:plugins [[jonase/eastwood "0.2.2"]] }}

Eastwood itself already worked this way by running “lein eastwood”. However, when running “:SyntasticCheck” in Vim, I got the following error message (The message actually shows up pretty briefly but it can be shown again with “:Errors”.):

... |381 error| ClassNotFoundException eastwood.lint (

Entering “(require ‘eastwood.lint)” in the REPL showed that eastwood was not found on the classpath:

=> (require 'eastwood.lint)
=> FileNotFoundException Could not locate eastwood/lint__init.class or eastwood/lint.clj on classpath. clojure.lang.RT.load (

I could solve the problem by adding the following entry to the “project.clj” files of my Clojure projects:

:profiles {:repl {:dependencies [[jonase/eastwood "0.2.2" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]}}

To be honest, I am not sure if this is the suggested way for solving this problem. However, for me, this solves the issue that was stopping me from using vim-eastwood and I am very happy that I can use vim-eastwood since then.

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