Tesis Doctoral: Event-driven Principles and Complex Event Processing for Self-adaptive Network Analysis and Surveillance Systems

This is just a brief post to announce the publication of my tesis doctoral (doctoral thesis/PhD thesis/dissertation) entitled “Event-driven Principles and Complex Event Processing for Self-adaptive Network Analysis and Surveillance Systems“. The thesis is available via rodin.uca.es as open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Creative Commons License.

Besides papers that were published on scientific conferences and workshops, I also published many of the evaluation prototypes as Open Source Software. For an overview of all my published papers, not only those that were published in scope of my thesis, please see the list of my publications. I also already introduced some of the respective Open Source Software projects in posts on this blog and in a brief overview of my Open Source projects and contributions. I hope to publish some more details about these prototypes here in the future as my time permits it.

For now, I conclude by citing the acknowledgments of my tesis doctoral. I am deeply thankful for all the great support I had been given:

“First of all, I thank my beloved family, especially my wonderful wife, son, parents, and siblings. While the research and work during the thesis occupied much of my time, you always reminded and helped me to also esteem the other wonderful things in life. Your love, encouragement, and support are indispensable and I am deeply grateful. I love you.

I also thank my friends for their support and for always lending a sympathetic ear. I very
much enjoyed our discussions on- and off-topic with respect to my thesis scope and I am deeply thankful for your support.

Furthermore, I thank my supervisors Inma and Martin. Learning to research and to publish research results under your supervision was an exciting and fascinating experience that I enjoyed very much. I very much value your feedback and support which were very helpful and I am greatly thankful for having you as my supervisors.

I also thank my former and current colleagues with whom I had and still have the pleasure to work with. It was and still is a great experience to work in such a creative and inspiring environment. I very much value the fruitful discussions and exchange we had and look forward to more to come.

Moreover, I thank all the members of the UCASE research group at the University of Cádiz, especially Juan, Paco, Antonio, and Lorena. You supported me with very valuable feedback and have always been fabulous hosts when I visited you in Cádiz.

I also thank all members of the PhD students round table at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and my colleagues from other universities with whom I worked with in various research projects. We always had great discussions and it was very valuable to me to meet and exchange with you.

Last but not least, I thank Rodion Iafarov and Ashutosh Shirole whom I supervised as student assistants and in scope of their Masters theses. I very much enjoyed to work with you and thank you very much for your contributions.”

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