Panoramic Photos, “Beautiful British Columbia”, Canada

In this post, I upload some panoramic photos I took in May during a trip to “Beautiful British Columbia”, Canada, which, I think, truly deserves this byname. Even though I just visited a very small part of British Columbia, I really enjoyed the beautiful nature. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to uploading these photos earlier.

The first photo shows Brohm Lake, which is located some driving minutes north of Squamish.


Squamish itself is a small town located about an hour drive north of Vancouver. There are many beautiful places around Squamish. The following picture shows the Brandy Wine Falls located about 30 minutes north of Squamish.


The next two photos are no panoramas. I add them anyhow as I think these are really beautiful. The photos show the Shannon Falls which are located a few minutes south of Squamish.

The next photo shows a view from Porteau Cove, which is located about 15 minutes south of Squamish.


In the following panorama, a view from the Tantalus view point at the Sea to the Sky Highway is shown. This view point is located about 15 minutes north of Squamish. Generally, there are many nice viewing points along the Sea to the Sky Highway.


The next panorama does not show nature but the inside of the main building of the Brittania Mining Museum, located about 15 minutes south of Squamish. I added this photo as I think it shows an impressive sight as well.


The next two pictures were taken on Vancouver Island. The first shows the view from the Holland Point in Victoria. The second shows flowers in Butchard Gardens.



The last three pictures were taken in Vancouver. The first shows a view from the Ambleside Park. The last two were taken in Lynn Canyon.





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