Update: Q To-Do for #SailfishOS

Yesterday evening and today, I put a little more work into the SailfishOS version of Q To-Do. Personally, I am quite happy with the results so far. It still needs some more work but I’m optimistic that when I finally get the long anticipated Jolla phone, Q To-Do will be ready as well. 🙂 I uploaded some screenshots of the current state as well as a picture comparing the Sailfish and desktop versions. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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7 Responses to Update: Q To-Do for #SailfishOS

  1. john says:

    Looks cool. Maybe the entries could be a bit bigger? I am worried that maybe on the phone the text lines are not tall enough to select them precisely with the touchscreen. I think it would also better integrate into the rest of the sailfish os, which has generally big and touchfriendly objects and texts.

    • ruedigergad says:

      Thanks for your feedback. The font size is not fixed yet and is, essentially, based on the Sailfish Theme settings. I will take care that it will be easy to use.

  2. john says:

    Idea: pully menu instead of the toolbar on the bottom

    • ruedigergad says:

      This is not implemented right now but I surely consider using the menus provided by the Sailfish API.
      One point about pully menus I am not really sure about is the usability in long lists, e.g., when a list has 200+ entries and I am somewhere in the middle, I probably wouldn’t like to scroll completely up/down just to add another item.
      But I will look into this and hopefully come up with a good solution for this as well.
      Thanks again for your feedback.

      PS: I will also look into using things like item menus, remorse items/actions etc.

  3. ARJWright says:

    Hi @ruedigergad – I posted this on G+, and Cybette/Carol poked me to put it here as well. Please just consider it as thoughts as you develop:

    I wonder why there isn’t more of a push to use the gestures as the primary UI for this app rather than buttons. Would seem like in using a clean sheet platform like #SailfishOS that a gesture to delete and one to mark completed would be ideal. Then instead of icons, it would be a pulley menu to do other items (except for creating a new item, I’ve should only have to tap on an always blank area of the app screen to start a new one).

    Just thoughts. 
    I wasn’t aware that it was a port of the existing Meego/BB10 app. I therefore miss(ed) on much of the UX work you’ve done already. I’ll have to play on my N9 and offer a better set of comments… and then get my hands on one of those Jolla devices to be an appropriate tester/commenter :p

    • ruedigergad says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Using gestures is indeed a cool idea as well. Btw. for navigating the tree of todos I already use swipe left/right as primary navigation; in that case the icons are just there as a sort of hint and for people that don’t like swipe gestures.
      This is a pretty old video I made from one of the first working prototypes of my tree view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbCKIwoUTZM
      Maybe this can show the idea better than just static images.

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