New Rootfs Tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7

I uploaded a new rootfs tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7. You can get it from here: The latest version is “plasma-active-nexus7-testing-mer-latest-2013-03-12.tar.gz“. There you can also get the according .ks files.

Some changes are:

  • Integrated nemo-compatibility (You can directly install Nemo apps via zypper and run those.). Please note that for some Nemo apps the icons are not shown correctly.
  • Some pre-installed Nemo apps like: Twimgo (Twitter client), Kasvopus (Facebook client), Q ToDo (todo list app), MeePasswords (password manager).
  • Firmware Installer for Bluetooth (You need to install the “nexus7-fw-installer” package and run “/usr/sbin/nexus7-fw-install” and follow the instructions.)
  • Fix for the Rendering Issue in the App Switcher
  • Use the touch version of Marble.

Below are the steps I used for installing and testing this new rootfs tarball. Please note that you are doing everything on your own risk and responsibility and that you will loose the warranty for your Nexus 7 by doing this.

# Prerequisite is that you downloaded and extrated the Nexus 7 MOSLO and changed to the directory in which the MOSLO zImage and initrd are located.
# Start the Nexus 7 with the volume down button pressed.
# When "Start" is shown, attach the Nexus 7 to your computer via USB.

fastboot -c "console=tty1" boot zImage-moslo initrd-moslo

# Wait until the MOSLO has booted and the userdata partition was exported.
# You can check the dmesg output on your computer to see if a new USB device showed up.

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX
# Change /dev/sdX as required.

# I assume that you already have a directory /mnt/foo.
mount /dev/sdb /mnt/foo/

tar xf /plasma-active-nexus7-testing-mer-latest-2013-03-12.tar.gz -C /mnt/foo/
cp /mnt/foo/boot/zImage /tmp/
umount /mnt/foo

# Reboot to the loader with the "Start" screen by keeping the powerbutton and volume down button pressed.

fastboot -c "ro console=tty1 rootwait rootfstype=ext4 root=/dev/mmcblk0p9" flash:raw boot /tmp/zImage
# For the 3G model change /dev/mmcblk0p9 to /dev/mmcblk0p10

# Detach USB and start.
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14 Responses to New Rootfs Tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7

  1. Tuomas says:


  2. thp says:

    Nice work 🙂 Can one also replace Plasma Active with e.g. the mcompositor/lipstick/lipstick-colorful-home combo once installed, and will the Maliit keyboard still work? Does Wifi and/or USB networking work, can I easily SSH into the running Mer system? Are USB keyboards supported via USB OTG?

    • kulve says:

      WiFi and USB networking should both work, so SSH’ing shouldn’t be a problem. Also USB keyboards should work with proper OTG cable.

      I’m using the word “should” often as I’m mostly testing with Nemo or without a GUI at all but the Mer HA is the same 🙂

  3. nuovodna says:

    Any news on pinch-to-zoom support on Okular/Viewer ?

    • Anders Lund says:

      There does not appear to be updates to plasma active, so all the problems related to that remains. A new release is scheduled to ultimo march iirc, and that will probably include some improvements…

  4. xardas008 says:

    In which Version / branch of pa is your rootfs based?

  5. Anders Lund says:

    Is this different from what I get with zypper ref && zypper up for my current installation? (which also includes your dev repository)

    • ruedigergad says:

      Should be pretty much the same. If you want Jabber/XMPP you need to install the telepathy stuff, accounts-ui, and qmlmessages yourself but that’s it.

      • Anders Lund says:

        Thanks for answering 🙂

        Is there somewhere a guide to producing packages this system btw?

  6. SSV says:

    Hi. Where I can found a change log of Rootfs Tarball?

    • ruedigergad says:

      There is no changelog, at least none that I am aware of. The tarball is created from the current state in the respective repositories.

      • SSV says:

        I see. I have an another question: how to change keyboard layout(I need a russian keyboard)?

      • SSV says:

        In /usr/share/maliit/plugins/languages there is ru.xml, and in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/org/nemomobile there is RussianPortrait.qml. But I doesn’t know how to switch to russian.

  7. aftrumpet says:

    Hi, I’m fairly new to Linux so excuse me if this is a dumb question, but is there any way to get access to all of the KDE applications? I can’t seem to find most of them in the already existing repos. I know they won’t have the best compatibility with Plasma Active but I would still like to try out more than just the default applications.

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