New Rootfs Tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7

A new rootfs tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7 is available: In this snapshot sound and hardware-accelerated video playback (at least for mp4 videos) should work out of the box. Note that you might need to un-mute the sound in the media player app explicitly via the volume keys.

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3 Responses to New Rootfs Tarball of Plasma Active for Nexus 7

  1. mike says:

    works like a charm. thanks again!

  2. e8hffff says:

    Youtube of it working?

  3. shmerl says:

    Note that PA on Nexus 7 is often crashing with the devel repo. I’ll probably need to revert back to using the “testing” image instead.

    Here is an example of the crash:

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